Somatoform, Factitious, 

and Dissociative Disorders

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Conversion Disorder         Somatization Disorder      Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder

Hypochondriasis       Pain        Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Factitious Disorder

Dissociative Amnesia       Dissociative Fugue        

   Dissociative Identity Disorder          Depersonalization Disorder

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Conversion Disorder

Specify type of symptom or deficit:

     With Motor Symptom or Deficit
     With Seizures or Convulsions
     With Sensory Symptom or Deficit
     With Mixed Presentation


Somatization Disorder

Coding Note

In each of the above four symptom categories, the specific symptoms are listed in approximate descending order of frequency.


Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder



Specify when With Poor Insight: During most of this episode, the patient does not realize that the preoccupation is excessive or unreasonable.


Pain Disorder

Code According to the predominant cause of pain:

307.80 Pain Disorder Associated with Psychological Factors. If a general medical condition is present, it does not play the major role in the cause, maintenance, severity or worsening of the pain. Do not use this code if the patient also meets criteria for Somatization Disorder.

307.89 Pain Disorder Associated with Both Psychological Factors and a General Medical Condition.* Both of these factors seem important in the onset, maintenance, severity or worsening of the pain.

For either of above, specify whether:

     Acute. Has lasted less than 6 months
     Chronic. Has lasted 6 months or longer

Coding Notes

*Also code the general medical condition or site of the pain on Axis III, if the diagnosis is Pain Disorder Associated with Both Psychological Factors and a General Medical Condition. The site is coded only if the exact general medical condition is not yet known. The following Axis III code numbers for site of pain are included for your convenience:

Abdomen 789.0 Joint 719.40
Back 724.5 Limb 729.5
Back, Low 724.2 Pelvis 625.9
Bone 733.90 Renal Colic 788.0
Breast 611.71 Sciatic 724.3
Chest 786.50 Shoulder 719.41
Ear 388.70 Throat 784.1
Eye 379.91 Tongue 529.6
Face 784.0 Tooth 525.9
Headache 784.0

Urinary Tract 788.0

Coding Note

Pain Disorder Associated with a General Medical Condition. This term is used for any patient who has pain that is mainly caused, worsened or maintained by a general medical condition, so long as any psychological factors play at most a minor role. This is not considered to be a mental disorder and is coded only on Axis III. Code numbers for site are as above. For example:

Axis III 784.0 Pain Disorder Associated with Facial Pain


Body Dysmorphic Disorder


300.81 Somatoform Disorder Not Otherwise Specified


Factitious Disorder

Code based on predominant symptom:

300.16 With Predominantly Psychological Signs and Symptoms

300.19 With Predominantly Physical Signs and Symptoms

300.19 With Combined Psychological and Physical Signs and Symptoms. (Neither predominates.)


Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Amnesia


Dissociative Fugue


Dissociative Identity Disorder

Coding Note

In children, the symptoms cannot be attributed to fantasy play, including imaginary playmates.


Depersonalization Disorder


300.15 Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified


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